Medication Switches

The NHS spends over £70 million each year on medicines for the residents of Cambridgeshire. We, along with all the other GP practices in Cambridge, have agreed to work with the local Primary Care Trust to ‘switch’ a small number of medicines to cheaper but equivalent brands. We are only making changes where there is a lot of evidence that the cheaper medicine works just as well as your current medication; all these medications have been fully tested and are used by millions of people already.

You may receive a letter telling you that your medication has been changed. Please continue to use the medication that you have, then order the new one when you have nearly run out. If you are sure that you cannot take the new medication, talk to your usual Doctor; otherwise please give the new medication a try – you will be helping the NHS to provide additional services and medications for other patients in the area.

However, if you do have any concerns or unwanted side effects, please contact your doctor who will be happy to discuss the issues involved, and if necessary re-instate the original medicine.

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