World Suicide Prevention Day

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The surgery will be closed on Friday 9th September between 1 pm – 2 pm.

Recently a GP in Surrey, Dr Gail Milligan, took her own life. While more details about the circumstances that led to this tragedy may unfold in time, it is clear from the information we have that Gail faced intolerable pressures in her working life as she strove to provide the care her patients needed. 10th September 2022 is World Suicide Prevention Day. To mark this, we want to spend time on 9th September 2022 reflecting on the loss of colleagues, and to focus on the wellbeing of our practice staff. We also want to spend time identifying how we can protect ourselves from similar burn out. The surgery will be closed on 9th September 2022 from 1pm-2pm. During this time, we plan to answer the phone for urgent matters only. We will use this time for reflection, education, and planning. We hope that you can support us in this plan, and would welcome your input into future planning to make our services safer for both us and you, our patients. 

Family’s chosen charity (MIND) for fundraising, if anyone would like to donate.

Last update Sept 2022