Travel Information

Travel can be an exciting and valuable experience and it is important to consider your health and any precautions you can take to ensure you remain well whilst away from home.

More detailed information can be gained from the websites below and your consultation with a health professional.

Vaccination costs

The NHS covers the cost of some vaccinations- where the risk from an infected person returning to the UK could cause infection to others. Some diseases are not transmissible in the UK, so protection against these is not covered, and there will be a charge for the vaccination or prescription. (Examples of vaccines not covered by NHS are Yellow Fever, Meningitis groups ACWY, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis and Tickbourne Encephalitis).

Prior to booking your appointment for travel health advice/vaccinations, (and possibly prior to booking the holiday) some of the websites below may provide valuable information about your destination, and information about the diseases. local private travel clinic providing in depth specialist advice for complex travel itineraries see this is a private clinic. Price list on the website)

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