Clinical System Change – Emis to SystemOne

From 6th of December Red House surgery will be changing clinical system from EMIS to SystmOne.

So why the change?

Despite GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) we had been under considerable pressure for some time to change, it was increasingly obvious both we and our patients were being disadvantaged as our out-of-hours provider, district nurses, diabetic clinic and even the local A&E department were either using or had access to SystmOne patient records.

So, we have made our choice and we hope to build a new relationship with SystmOne, and we hope the relationship will be as positive as the one with EMIS has been. I’ll keep you updated how the changeover goes.

How does this affect you as patients?

We will still continue to provide the high standard level of service you are used to. To minimise disruption during the change there are some things for patients to know:

  • Telephone lines: We are open and accepting queries as usual. Please be aware of the interruption to the service as we are on a new system and gradually transferring information.
  • Appointments: All appointments from 6th December will be release on the day. There will be no advance appointments for December until the transition to SystemOne has complete. We are still accepting online queries via Accurx contact form as usual.
  • Prescriptions: It is advised to request these early before 27th November. We can issue two months supply to cover the transition period and Christmas. However, you can still request prescriptions and urgent queries as usual.
  • Registrations: We will not be able to add new registrations between 20th November – 5th December. If you submitted a registration form, this will be action after 5th December. If you would like to register with us and require medical attention during this time, you will need to request a temporary registration. Your temporary registration will expire which means you will be required to register with us formally after 5th December.
  • Patient Access / NHS App: Online access will pause between 27th November – 5th December. Patient Access App with be deactivated. If you have the NHS App, please uninstall the app and re-install after 5th December. The app should start working after re-instalment and linking to our new clinical system. The new application will be Airmid and NHS App.

Last Update November 2023