Anglia Ruskin Medical Centre

Welcome to The Anglia Ruskin Medical Centre (A branch surgery of The Red House Surgery)

Due to Coronavirus, all appointments have been converted to telephone appointments. To book a telephone consultation with a doctor, please use our online contact form or call the Medical Centre 01223 320660 . Apologies for the inconvenience – these are precautionary measures to try to keep everybody safe.

The University doctors are:

Dr Ralph Salmon [M]
Dr Richard Marriott [M]
Dr John Foo [M]
Dr Samim Kapadia-Miller  [F]
Dr Benita Dhanasekaran  [F]
Dr. Diego Ramos [M]
Dr Joan May  [F]
Dr Sophie Ng  [F]
Dr Mary Allwood  [F]
Dr Holly Grimes  [F]
Dr Jonathan Sunkersing [M]
Dr Nadiah Al-Ammar [F]

The Medical Centre
Mumford 101                                           
Anglia Ruskin University
East Road
Telephone: 01223 320660

Appropriate use of A&E