Adult Weight Management Programmes

There is a range of programmes available to support healthy lifestyle in the community, schools, workplaces etc

Healthy You tier 2 weight management programmes: self referral or GP referral

Professional Referral – Healthy You
• 16 years +, BMI >=25
• 12 week Healthy You programme combining nutrition education and physical activities for 1.5 hours/week or voucher for Slimming World or WW. In person in some locations or virtual

Diabetes prevention programme: self referral or GP referral

• 18+ with pre diabetes (HbA1c 42 47mmol/mol or fasting plasma gluc 5.5 6.9mmol/l within 24 months
• Focus on diabetes prevention, but includes weight management. 9 months with 13 x 1.5 hour sessions. No practical physical act ivities in sessions.