Future Online Access

Once you have an NHS number you will be able to register for online access. This will allow you to:

  • · Order repeat prescriptions
  • · Change your contact details
  • · View your consultations and test results – FROM NOVEMBER 2023. See FUTURE ONLINE ACCES

We recommend that you register for the NHS App, as this will give you access to a variety of services across the NHS. https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-app/about-the-nhs-app/

You can register through the Online Services tab on this website.

Alternatively you can register for Patient Access – go to the Online Services tab and scroll down to Patient Access. We will need to see photographic ID, e.g. a passport or driving licence, in order to verify your identity and set up your online account. This is to ensure that online access is only given to you, and that your personal data is secure.

· If you have any difficulties registering contact the Support Centre on the Patient Access website.

· If you are locked out you will need to contact us to get your account re-set.

· You will need your own, individual email address to create an account.


From November 2023, if you have the NHS App, or other online access, you will be able to see NEW information as it is added to your medical record, including test results, reports, immunisation records and consultations.

You will only be able to view entries from November 2023, nothing before this date.

New patients will only see consultations from the date they first register at this surgery.

Benefits of having online access to your medical record

Having access to your own medical record is intended to enable you to be better informed about your health, and more involved in the management of any long term conditions. You will be able to see test results (once they have been checked by a doctor) without phoning the surgery, and you can view documents sent to us by the hospital. 

If there is information that you don’t understand

Medical records are intended for the clinicians who are involved in your treatment and may contain abbreviations or medical terminology which you don’t understand. If there are things in your record that you don’t understand, please use the NHS website to find out what common abbreviations mean. https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-app/nhs-app-help-and-support/health-records-in-the-nhs-app/abbreviations-commonly-found-in-medical-records/ The NHS App also has links to lots of very useful information. If you cannot work out what something means, please speak to your GP at your next appointment. Please note, we cannot book a GP appointment simply to explain medical terminology.

If there is information you think is incorrect

It is important that the information we hold about you is correct, and you can challenge information you believe to be incorrect. The doctors will record factual information and information you provide, as well as medical opinion and diagnosis. It may not be possible to remove consultations you disagree with, or find upsetting, but we will change errors or omissions, and will record your opinion if we cannot alter the content of the consultation.

When automatic online access is not given to patients

In order to keep people safe, and to avoid creating unnecessary anxiety or distress, it may be decided that, for some, having online access is not in their best interests. If this is the case for you, please discuss with your GP why you do not have automatic access to your medical record, and this can be changed if you agree this would be helpful.

Non-urgent advice: Online Security

As with everything online, it is very important that you keep your log in details secure.

 If you think that someone you know may obtain your log in details, and therefore be able to see your medical record, you may prefer to not have online access to your full medical record.

 If you currently have online access to order medication, but you do not want online access to your consultations and test results, please let the surgery team know, and we can alter the settings on your account. This can be changed at any time, if you change your mind.


In March 2022 we introduced a ‘contact us online’ form on our website www.redhousesurgery.nhs.uk

You do not need anything to be ‘set up’ for this to be used, it can be completed and submitted by any patient, or parent/carer of a patient. You do not need a passcode or PIN number, you just answer a few short questions and submit the form. Someone will contact you within one working day.