General Practice Data for Planning and Research


At present, NHS Digital collects, analyses, publishes and shares health and care data to improve health, care and services through planning and research. This includes:

  • informing and developing health and social care policy
  • planning and commissioning health and care services
  • taking steps to protect public health (including managing and monitoring the coronavirus pandemic)
  • in exceptional circumstances, providing you with individual care
  • enabling healthcare and scientific research

Any data that NHS Digital collects will only be used for health and care purposes. It is never shared with marketing or insurance companies.

NHS Digital does not collect your name or address. Any other data is de-personalised which means that any information which could identify you, e.g. date of birth or NHS number is replaced with a unique code.

From 1st September 2021 NHS Digital can share this de-personalised information with other organisations – see below

  • Data which is shared by NHS Digital is subject to robust rules relating to privacy, security and confidentiality. Organisations using this data must have a clear legal basis to do so for health and care purposes and only the minimum amount of data needed to meet the specific purpose will be made available.
  • More information about how and why NHS Digital will share data from GP practices is available in our General Practice Data for Planning and Research Transparency Notice. NHS Digital also publish information about the data that they share in their data release register.

If you do not want NHS Digital to collect your data from your GP practice you can register a Type 1 Opt-out. Please complete Type 1 Opt Out Form.

We will code your ‘opt-out’ choice on your medical record and this will ensure that your identifiable data is not collected by NHS Digital.

If you are happy for your data to be collected, but you do not want it to be shared with anyone else for purposes beyond your own care, you can register a National Data Opt-out.

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