Anglia Ruskin University Branch Registration

Anglia Ruskin University Student registration

Registration/change of address

The Medical Centre is currently accepting NHS patient registration for the students living within our practice boundary.

Each student will have named GP although can see any GP at the Medical Centre.

New And Returning Student

If you are already registered and need to update your details please send and email to:

If you want to register at the Medical Centre please click the link below.

Online form <———– THIS ONE

Non-urgent advice: Registration

We usually process registration within 48 hours. However, at the moment these may take longer.

We DO NOT send confirmation email, we will contact you if there is a query or issue with your registration. You will be asked to re-submit the registration form if filled incorrectly, which can lead to delay in registering you.

Guide for International students please provide UK telephone number & date of your entry in UK

Guide for UK / returning students please provide details of your NHS number, previous address and GP

Please complete the information as fully and accurately as possible, failure to do so could lead to a delay in your registration.

Covid Vaccination for Students

If you have not been vaccinated, they can go to one of the walk-in clinics, please see the following links  

The Vaccinators | COVID-19 Vaccination Centres | Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

NHS – Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination