Temporary Patients

** Please only register as a temporary patient if you require immediate attention and are in the practice area for 3 months or less.

This mean you continue to be registered with your home practice but can access service from this practice whilst you are in the area. After 3 months your registration will expire and you will be asked to register as a permanent patient if you are still living here.

Non-urgent advice: Information you MUST provide

details of anything you’re allergic to

details of any medical conditions you have

the name of any medicines you’re currently taking

contact details for your permanent or previous GP surgery

your NHS number (if applicable)

If this information is missing or incorrect, it could delay your registration or possibly result in it being rejected by the Health Authority. You should be able to obtain your NHS number by contacting your previous GP surgery.

Please send this temporary patient form using the online query form with reason for your registration.

You will need to select medical query and add attachment. If our online query form is close for the day please call reception, a member of the team will help registering you over the telephone.

Last Update Oct 2022